The WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation was created to raise funds for the medical care and safety of active and retired K-9s in Wisconsin, which may include the purchase and training of new K-9s.

K-9s and their handlers go through extensive training to be able to keep their communities safe by searching for drugs, electronic devices, and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime evidence, protecting their handlers, and much more. Their level of commitment and contribution to local and surrounding police agencies and the communities they serve is invaluable.

Medical Care

Working closely with K-9 units for their routine, emergency, and specialty veterinary care has given WVRC a unique understanding of the care needed to keep these hard working K-9s healthy and safe in their day-to-day duties. Most law enforcement agencies do not have a large enough budget for serious medical issues for the K-9s, both during their years of service and retirement. WVRC’s emergency and specialty veterinarians are well equipped to assist agencies with both medical emergencies during active duty, and long-term medical care all the way into retirement.


Many people do not realize the amount of life-saving safety equipment that is needed to keep K-9s safe in the line of duty – custom bullet-proof vests, specialized K-9 heat alarm systems, special modifications to squad cars and vehicle kennels, deployment systems, and K-9 emergency medical training are just a few.

Purchase & Training New K-9s

Due to unforeseen health issues, injury, or aging out of the program, K-9 units routinely find themselves in need of replacing current K-9 in some instances when there are no available funds in their budget. The cost involved with purchasing and training the K-9s and their handlers, as well as food, transportation, and lodging during the training can often exceed $15,000-20,000.

How You Can Help

WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation wants to make sure that Wisconsin K-9 units have the support they need to continue their important work and support their efforts by fundraising to help those units in need. The WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation welcomes corporate and private donations to obtain the funding necessary to help Wisconsin K-9 units obtain the important equipment and supplies they need to maintain their effectiveness and keep them safe.

Donations can be made to honor those particularly special people or pets in our lives that have passed.  We will announce the donation in honor of the particular person(s) or pet(s) by sending a special thank you to the donor and listing the donation on our website (if desired).  Monetary donations can be made to:

WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation
c/o WVRC
360 Bluemound Road
Waukesha, WI 53188.

Occasionally, WVRC will be selling limited edition, collectible plush K-9 heroes. They can be purchased at our Waukesha location or online. At this time, we are selling K-9 “Nitro,” who was the first of two K-9s that the WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation purchased in 2018 for the Milwaukee County House of Correction.  Order K-9 Nitro Online Here.

WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. EIN# 83-2330222

K-9 Heroes
K-9 Heroes

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