Puppy Proofing 101

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time in anyone’s life! It can be such a fun time with much to consider and learn: when to vaccinate, how to train them, what to feed them, etc. But before [...]

Keeping Pets Safe in Summer

During warm weather, our veterinary clinics start to see cases of heat stroke again. Heat stroke is an emergency condition where the body becomes overheated. If severe enough, this can affect [...]

Dig Your Dog Out of a Stressful Situation

Just like people, our pets can experience stress on a daily basis. Their bodies can compensate for this stress in a way that we may not even realize, but in some cases long-term stress can start [...]

Blasto Season Already?

As they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Wisconsin, wait 10 minutes and it will change.” Although our rapidly changing weather conditions are good fodder for jokes, they [...]

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