The gorgeous and lovable Flynn was our first donor hero! Way to go Flynn! We send a huge thank you to his dedicated owner Cindy, as well!


Thank you to Brooklyn and her owner, Joleen, for their help in becoming a blood donor!


Dexter, otherwise known as Super B Kitty (as noted by his cape), has the most rare blood type for cats: type B! We send our heartfelt thanks to Dexter and his owner!


Stirling donated blood beginning in May 2014! A huge thank you goes out to Stirling and her owner Ashley. You helped save lives!


Thank you to Bailey and his dedicated owners for their commitment to being a blood donor!


Wyatt is a happy and wonderful dog who donated numerous times to the program. A huge thank you to him and his owner, Alison.


Bonita is the most sweet and docile girl! A huge thank you to Bonita and Mel for helping other pets in need.

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