The gorgeous and lovable Flynn was our first donor hero! Way to go Flynn! We send a huge thank you to his dedicated owner Cindy, as well!


Thank you to Brooklyn and her owner, Joleen, for their help in becoming a blood donor!


Dexter, otherwise known as Super B Kitty (as noted by his cape), has the most rare blood type for cats: type B! We send our heartfelt thanks to Dexter and his owner!


Stirling donated blood beginning in May 2014! A huge thank you goes out to Stirling and her owner Ashley. You helped save lives!


Thank you to Bailey and his dedicated owners for their commitment to being a blood donor!


Wyatt is a happy and wonderful dog who donated numerous times to the program. A huge thank you to him and his owner, Alison.


Bonita is the most sweet and docile girl! A huge thank you to Bonita and Mel for helping other pets in need.


We greatly appreciate Dr. Tourdot taking the time for Ryder to help save lives!


We thank Monty and his owner Madison for all they have done to help other critically ill patients.


Thank you to Tonka and his owners for enrolling in our blood donor program. He, along with the other donors, helped save the lives of countless others. We are forever grateful.

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