WVRC is Getting a New Look!

 In Pet Talk: In the News

In May 2019, WVRC merged with Ethos Veterinary Health, a national network of veterinary hospitals providing emergency and specialty care for pets.

What does this mean? For the most part we are still the same WVRC, but we will now have the national support of a group with similar values to ours. We will be able to achieve greater things as a hospital, as individuals, and as service providers for our patients and referring veterinarians.

As we move into 2020, you will start to see some changes in our marketing – new logo, colors, and imagery – to reflect being a part of the Ethos network of hospitals. We are being environment and cost conscious as we roll out these new materials, so look for a slow rollout rather than a switch-flip. There will be several months where both logos are being used concurrently in our printed materials.

However, what will not change is our commitment to provide the same high quality patient care and outstanding service you and your patients have come to expect. As our partner in veterinary care, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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