Jennifer Brinson, DVM, DACVIMBoard Certified Internist

    Dr. Brinson received her undergraduate degree and DVM degree at Purdue University.  She completed her rotating internship at the University of Missouri, and her Internal Medicine residency and Masters Program at the University of Illinois.  


    Dr. Brinson is board certified with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).  Prior to to joining WVRC, she worked at the University of Illinois Veterinary as a Clinical Assistant Professor.  She has also worked at private specialty practices in Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas. 


    On what she enjoys most about working at WVRC…“When I was a child, our family lost our 5-year-old dog to kidney failure and the veterinarian could not explain why and this was incredibly frustrating to me. I wanted to be able to understand pet illness and be able to not only help the pet with this information by providing as much care as possible, but know that I helped family members be able to cope and accept the illness by being better informed/educated about it. I quickly learned that although I would not save all pet’s from their illness as I had originally planned as a child, I could be confident that they had someone giving everything possible to try.”


    American Veterinary Medical Association
    American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

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