Rebecca Dallwig, DVMEmergency Service

    Dr. Dallwig graduated from the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine.


    Dr. Dallwig completed a one year internship at the VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center in San Diego, CA and one year at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Wildlife and Exotic Animal Medicine in Urbana, IL.

    She completed a one yer residency with the Chicago Zoological and Aquatic Animal Program in Chicago, IL and worked part-time relief at Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital in Skokie, IL. Dr. Dallwig previously worked at Arbor Ridge Pet Clinic in Madison, and at Saukville Veterinary Clinic.


    On what she enjoys most about working at WVRC…“I have always found both medicine and science intriguing, and with my love of animals, it was a natural fit to become a veterinarian.”


    American Veterinary Medical Association
    Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

    Professional Interests:

    Dr. Dallwig’s professional interests include exotic animal medicine and surgery.

    Research & Publications

    1. Dallwig, R., Whittington, JK, Terio, K., and Barger, A. Cutaneous mast cell tumor and mastocytosis in a Black-masked love bird (Aganpornis personate). J Avian Med and Surgery. 2012; 26(1): 29-35.
    2. Dallwig, R., Mark A, and Mark J Acierno. Determination of plasma osmolality and agreement between measured and calculated values in healthy bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). J Here Med Surgery. 2011; 42(4); 205-213
    3. Dallwig, R., Langan, JL. Hatch, DA, Terio, K.,  Demitros, C. Bilateral hydronephrosis secondary to endometriosis managed by ureteral stent placement in a captive guinea baboon (Papio Papio). J Zoo Wils. Med. 2011; 42(4): 747-750.
    4. Dallwig, R., Paul-Murphy, J., Medlin, S., Vaughan, C., Sullivan, L., Thomas, C., Ramirez, O., Herrera, G., and Sladky, K. Hematology and clinical chemistry values of free-ranging basilisk lizards. Basiliscus plumifrons, in Costa Rica. J Zoo and Wildlife. Med. 2011; 42(2); 205-213.
    5. Dallwig, R. Therapeutic Review: Allopurinol. Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, Vol 19, No 3 (November), 2010: pp 225-257.
    6. Dallwig, R. Therapeutic Review: Allopurinol. Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, Vol 19, No 1 (January), 2010: pp 101-104.
    7. Dallwig, R.K, Hanley, CS, Ballegeer, EA, and Steinberg, H. What Is Your Diagnosis? Aspergillosis. J Am Bet Med Assoc. 2007: 231(2); 205-6
    8. Sladky, KK, Miletic, V., Paul-Murphy, J., Kinney, ME, Dallwig, RK, and Johnson, SM. Analgesis efficacy and respiratory effects of butorphanol and morphine in turtles. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2007: 230(9); 1356-62.Rebbeca Dallwig, DVM

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