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Abbie, a 2-year-old Rottweiler, had been diagnosed by her primary care veterinarian with Addison’s Disease and presented to WVRC’s Racine ER for stabilization secondary to an Addisonian crisis.

Addison’s Disease is an endocrine disease that affects the adrenal glands and makes them unable to produce corticosteroids, which are the hormones that allow us to adapt to stress inside and outside of the body. These vital substances are responsible for many bodily functions including regulating our electrolytes, GI function, liver and kidney functions to name a few.

Abbie’s deficiency caused severe changes in her electrolytes, elevation of her kidney values, and led to vomiting and diarrhea with large amounts of blood. Dr. Mayhew gave Abbie IV fluids to stabilize her electrolytes and GI medications to prevent GI ulceration. With the help of our caring nurses and clinical staff, Abbie made it home to her family a few days later. She will need to be on medication life-long but should be able to lead a very happy and full life.

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