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Mast Cell Tumor

Abe, a 9½-year-old adorable black lab, developed a firm growth on his belly, that developed within a week. His owner brought him to our emergency service where they recommended an aspiration of the mass. A small needle was passed into the mass and cells were pulled back into the syringe and then aspirated onto a slide.  This allows a cursory analysis of what type of nodule this may be, cancerous or non-cancerous.  Unfortunately, a few potential cancerous cells were found on the slide.  The cells were most consistent with a type of immune cell cancer called a mast cell tumor.  This type of cancer can be quite serious and some patients can die from this cancer. Abe then was referred to have an ultrasound with our Radiologist Dr. Rudich to determine whether or not the cancer had spread throughout his abdomen. Thankfully, on pre-surgery staging, no cancer had yet spread! Within a week Abe was taken to surgery for the removal of the mass and to determine how likely it was to spread and need more treatments (such as chemotherapy).  Thankfully, the biopsy showed that Abe’s cancer was likely surgically cured!  Thanks Dr. Hurley for doing such a great job and getting all of the cancer out!  Abe’s veterinary oncologist, Dr. Custead will keep a good eye on Abe. He is at an increased risk now of developing new cancer lesions.

Abe’s family is grateful for the amazing staff at WVRC for taking such good care of him during this scary time.  He is currently back to being a normal Lab and is happy to be chasing tennis balls again.

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