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Foreign Body

Ammo, an inquisitive 8-month-old German Shepherd, was transferred from his family veterinarian to WVRC–Racine’s ER for help with a suspected obstruction due to ingestion of a foreign body. Although there was no evidence that he had eaten anything he wasn’t supposed to, Ammo had been vomiting for three days and in one bout a piece of stuffed animal could be seen. Upon x-ray, something similar to pea gravel was found, but was not likely to be causing the obstruction.

He continued vomiting in the hospital and after Dr. Quigley presented some options, Ammo’s owners opted for an abdominal exploratory to determine the cause of the obstruction. Dr. Wiedmeyer performed the surgery and found the problem – a small stuffed bunny! Ammo recovered well and was able to go home 36 hours later, after some close monitoring and medication. Several more days of limited activity and a bland diet – no bunnies – and Ammo was back to his normal puppy self.

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