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Pectus Excavatum

Ava, a 5-month-old Domestic Short Hair, was evaluated by WVRC Waukesha’s surgeon, Dr. Hurley, for pectus excavatum, a condition she has had since birth that causes the front of her chest to collapse toward her backbone and compress/displace her heart and lungs.

Luckily, Ava’s current condition was moderate, but there was concern that the degree of curvature of her sternum would become a problem for her as she ages and grows. Dr. Hurley explained several options for treatment and Ava’s owners decided to move ahead with surgical splinting, which places sutures around the affected area of the sternum to draw it back. This splinting stays in place for 8 weeks to allow time for the skeleton to become less pliable and to help the sternum stabilize into a more normal position.

Dr. Hurley then gave Ava this adorable watermelon bandage to help hold everything in the correct position. When she came in for a bandage change she was transformed into a caterpillar. Ava is healing well and breathing better and getting closer to having her splint removed. What a cutie!!

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