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Bella, a 5-year-old Poodle mix, came to WVRC’s Oncology team after her owner noticed a pale pink bump under her nose. The bump shrunk and turned white, but then became bright red and slightly larger than when it was first noticed.

Tests revealed that the bump was a mast cell tumor. Because Bella’s tumor was located on her face, her tumor had a 60% chance of metastasizing to the regional draining lymph nodes. Dr. Custead, one of WVRC’s board-certified oncologists, explained that Bella’s lymph node metastasis should therefore be treated more aggressively with removal of all of the draining lymph nodes and potentially chemotherapy.

Dr. Gallegos successfully performed the surgery to remove the mast cell tumor and lymph nodes and thankfully there was no evidence of metastasis! Dr. Custead then created a personalized chemotherapy protocol for Bella. She has now Kicked Cancers Tail and we are so happy for Bella!!

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