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Boots is an 11-week-old kitty with a big curiosity. Somehow, she found her way into the family storage closet, way up on the top shelf, and came out with a fishing lure stuck in her lip. Immediately, her family brought her to WVRC’s Waukesha ER for help.

Dr. Wiedmeyer performed a quick exam and found the fishing lure had two prongs in Boots’ lip and two prongs in her paw pad. The prongs were cut and carefully removed as to not cause more damage. Thankfully the lacerations were small enough to not need stitches. Boots was able to go back home with pain meds and antibiotics and instructions to stay out of trouble for two weeks while things healed up. She was such a sweet patient, but we hope this trip to the ER curbs her curiosity. Be good Boots!

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