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Brandy, an 8-year-old Beagle, was initially seen through WVRC’s emergency service for evaluation of nauseousness. Her care was transferred to Dr. Jambhekar, one of WVRC’s internal medicine specialists, who diagnosed her with fluid in both her chest and abdomen caused by low blood proteins. This was ultimately found to be due loss of protein out of her intestines from cancer, called small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma. She was then seen by Dr. Custead, one of WVRC’s oncologists, who started her on chemotherapy. Her response to the treatment was dramatic and she quickly was back to herself again! She loves her dads and her food. She has regained weight and every day is more energetic and playful. 

Fast forward one year and Brandy stopped by the oncology service for a recheck evaluation of her small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma. She is currently in a complete remission and is doing great. Happy One Year Anniversary!! Way to go Brandy.

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