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Hepatic Disease

The owners of Bucky, an 8-year-old Sheltie, call Dr. Temo one of his angels! 

Bucky suddenly started vomiting excessively while his owners were out of town, and his caregiver brought him to WVRC Grafton. Our team discovered that Bucky had significant liver and gallbladder disease, which had gone undetected, and the gallbladder could have ruptured at any moment. After abdominal surgery by Dr. Meinen, Bucky remained in our care for an additional five days due to elevated bilirubin levels in his blood – an indicator that the liver isn’t working properly. 

But our team and Bucky’s owners never gave up hope! Everyone was overjoyed when his levels were finally back to normal and he was able to go home. Bucky will be on several medications for the rest of his life, as well as need bloodwork three times a year – but he’s back to feeling great and living the life of a pampered pooch!

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