In Success Stories

Buddy visited WVRC’s Racine ER after being hit by a car. He was hit on his left side and thrown to the side of the road. Buddy ran half a block back to his house and up a flight of stairs to safety. And all of this happened while Buddy’s owners were out of town!

X-rays showed that Buddy had tarsal luxation (dislocated “wrist”) and a couple fractured metatarsals. Because trauma can take 24-36 hours to become apparent, Buddy was hospitalized for pain management, close monitoring, supportive care, and reduction of his tarasal luxation. Buddy also received a splint to stabilize his dislocated joint and thankfully no other issues were found.

Buddy did well in the ICU over night and was able to go home the next day to finish recuperating. Buddy was doing well at home, taking meds like a good boy, and resting as much as he can with his cone.

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