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Severe Allergic Reaction

Dr. Renee Tourdot was working as our Racine emergency vet hospital when Cheech, a 2-year-old mix breed dog, came in with a one day history of vomiting, panting, lethargy, facial swelling and hives.  When he arrived he was in hypovolemic shock (decrease in blood volume) secondary to the allergic reaction.   He was immediately brought to the treatment room where flow by oxygen was provided and an IV was placed.  He was given fluids and medications to alleviate the allergic reaction and was monitored very closely.  This was a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions in pets can result from many things including insect bites, bee stings, vaccinations, medications, and contact with irritating substances.  In Cheech’s case, we will probably never know for certain what triggered his reaction.

After a full day in hospital, with supportive care and meds, Cheech recovered and went home!

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