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Foreign Body

What a sweet face! This is Comet. A wonderful, 5-year-old mixed breed dog that had been vomiting for over a week. He was referred by his primary veterinarian because x-rays didn’t provide any answers as to his symptoms. Comet was brought to our Grafton clinic for an ultrasound by Dr. Temo. A foreign body was suspected so Comet needed to have exploratory surgery. Dr. Meinen discovered Comet had ingested corn cob and removed it. Comet recovered well from surgery and went home a new dog! Ken wrote us a kind note saying, “I can’t thank WVRC enough for saving Comet’s life! Your staff of professionals seemed almost as concerned as I about his health when I took him in when he fell ill. They kept me fully informed every step of the way and always explained every option available. Today he’s as healthy and strong as ever! It’s great to have that member of the family back to his old self!”

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