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Cyrus, a stoic 9-year-old mixed breed dog, came to WVRC after his owner noticed that he had been limping on his left front leg and it was hot and swollen. Despite the limping, Cryus still wanted to play and chase things and was otherwise feeling fine.

Dr. Custead performed a full exam and x-rays found a bone lesion that, based on Cyrus’s history, physical and diagnostics, she was highly concerned was due to cancer – most likely Osteosarcoma, which is the most common bone tumor in dogs.

Additional testing was done, which confirmed Dr. Custead’s suspicion. Cyrus had cancer and the recommended treatment included amputation followed by chemotherapy. Often times, dogs with bone tumors are very painful and once they recover from surgery an amputation seems to provide a great relief for them. Dr. Hurley successfully performed the surgery and Cyrus completed his chemotherapy treatments like a champ. He is now cancer free!!

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