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Fredo, a Pembrook Welsh Corgi, was around 7-and-a half-years-old when his owners noticed that he had two masses, one in the left axilla, which turned out to be a lipoma (a slow-growing, fatty lump), and one on the right flank, which was a myxosarcoma (low-grade, soft tissue sarcoma that arises from the connective tissues of the body). Low-grade tumors, such as myxosarcomas are locally very invasive and aggressive, but are unlikely to spread to other body parts.

Fredo had his myxosarcoma surgically removed; however the margins were smaller than optimal. After consulting with one of WVRC’s oncologists, Dr. Wirth, Fredo’s owners decided to monitor the site for potential tumor regrowth and treat if something were to arise down the road.

Luckily, after two and a half years of monitoring and occasional chest rads, Fredo is doing great with no signs of reoccurrence! We are so happy for Fredo and his family.

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