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Gem’s owners noticed that her rear right leg was swollen from the knee down and went to their primary care veterinarian where an in-house aspirate of the lymph nodes showed probable lymphoma. Gem was started on Prednisone, which initially decreased the swelling, but when the medication was discontinued the swelling returned. Gem was then referred to Dr. Wirth in WVRC’s oncology service for options to treat her lymphoma.

In addition to confirming that Gem had lymphoma, her lab work also showed that her thyroid level was extremely low. Dr. Wirth created a chemotherapy protocol for Gem and also started her on a thyroid hormone supplement. After a few ups and downs due to the medications, Gem’s appetite returned to normal, she started to have more energy, was sleeping less, and her owners said that she was getting back to her normal self.

Gem has now completed her chemotherapy protocol and has “Kicked Caner’s Tail!” Way to go Gem!

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Abbie and Dr. Mayhew