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Jazz, an almost 9-year-old English Setter, came to WVRC’s Waukesha ER after her owner noticed a large, inflamed mass in her right groin area. Dr. Hopp performed a thorough exam and found multiple masses throughout her body. The left lymph node in front of her shoulder was markedly enlarged as well as a few other lymph nodes throughout her body. Samples of the lymph nodes were submitted for review and unfortunately results revealed that Jazz had lymphoma, a cancer that originates from an expansion of malignant lymphocytes. 

Jazz was then transferred to WVRC’s Oncology team, where Dr. Wirth performed further diagnostics and developed a personalized chemotherapy treatment for Jazz. After just one treatment, Jazz’s lymph nodes started to decrease in size. Jazz continued to do great during her chemotherapy protocol and has now Kicked Cancer’s Tail! Congrats Jazz!!

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