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12-year-old Jersey visited her primary veterinarian after her owner noticed swelling under Jersey’s jaw. Upon examination, her veterinarian also found swelling in her back leg. She was then referred to one of WVRC’s board-certified oncologists, Dr. Wirth, who ran additional tests, which confirmed that Jersey had high-grade lymphoma, at least stage 3 (out of 5).

Lymphoma is a cancer that originates from an expansion of malignant lymphocytes. The recommended treatment for lymphoma is chemotherapy, which is meant to increase the quantity of life without decreasing the quality of life.

Jersey’s lymph nodes responded well to chemotherapy and started returning to their normal size. She also became more active at home, was eating and drinking normally, and playing with the kids. Jersey has now finished her chemotherapy protocol and is in remission! Congrats Jersey!!

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