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Foreign Body

Jordy is a 1-year-old Lab who LOVES chasing golf balls. During a recent playtime, Jordy’s family was hitting golf balls and he was happily retrieving them like a good boy. As Jordy went after a ball, he forgot that he already had one in his mouth! And, accidentally Jordy swallowed a ball.

His family brought him to WVRC where a radiograph showed the golf ball in Jordy’s stomach. Dr. Wiedmeyer induced vomiting, but Jordy would not give up the ball. Surgery was recommended because there was a high probability the ball could get stuck in his small intestines. Dr. Wiedmeyer surgically removed the golfball from his stomach with no complications. After a successful recovery overnight, Jordy went home to finish resting and he will be back to retrieving golfballs in no time – one at a time!

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