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Stifle Infection

About a year ago Dr. Hurley was called to the Milwaukee County Zoo to evaluate Kash, a 3-weeks-old tiger, who had been losing weight and showing lameness. She discovered a left stifle infection that had broken out under his thigh muscles, making him very sick, very rapidly. Dr. Hurley opened the joint, decontaminate the area, flushed the abscess in his leg, and placed a drain to remove fluid to help the body clear the infection. An infection of this nature is a high risk not only for irreparably damaging the limb, but for Kash’s life, both from sepsis at the time of infection as well as the risk for arthritis and joint damage for the future – a tiger expected to weigh over 400 pounds needs sound joints. Kash had to be separated from his family for medical care and feedings, and the zoo medical staff managed his drain for a week until the infection cleared, and treated him with antibiotics. After removing his drain, Kash’s leg returned to full weight bearing. Although Kash initially got behind his sisters in weight due to his illness, he has definitely made up for that. Kash recently celebrated his 1st birthday and he is well over 200 pounds!!

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