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Impaled by Stick

Kibbee is an adorable 5-year-old mixed breed dog who belongs to one of our technicians. Kibbee dove in a bush to chase a rabbit while on leash, got tangled and escaped. All of the sudden his cries were heard and he came limping out and sat down. He was unable to walk and yelped in pain whenever he was moved.

His owner took Kibbee to WCRC-Grafton where¬†Dr. Korthauer¬†began treatment. He administered pain meds right away and probed what looked like a small scratch. At that point it didn’t look too bad. Dr. Korthauer knew from much experience that Kibbee was in too much pain for just a little scratch. He recommended x-rays. The x-rays showed something had punctured through Kibbee’s chest, under his front limb and through his pectoral muscles. Dr. Korthauer said he was lucky that it didn’t puncture his lung. He opened the site a little more exposing how deep it really was. He placed a couple of drains, and found bits of leaves and twig. It was at that point we knew it was probably a stick. After flushing the wound and observing him for a little while, he was discharged to go home. Kibbee recuperated well and was back to barking at the mailman in no time.

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