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Coyote Attack

Written by Kayla, Lila’s owner:

Thursday, October 8, 2015 the unpredictable happened. At approximately 12:20am our dog, Lila, was attacked by two large coyotes. My sister, who was watching Lila at the time, turned her back for no more than a second when the coyotes tried to tear Lila off her chain. If it wasn’t for the frantic screams of my sister and the chain preventing the coyotes from dragging Lila away, there’s no doubt in my family’s mind that she would not be here with us today.

After what seemed like endless minutes of analyzing Lila’s bite wounds, recognizing the blood loss and her inability to breathe comfortably, it became apparent that something was internally ruptured. Lila was then rushed to the Animal Hospital where she was claimed to be in serious condition with broken ribs and a punctured chest cavity. It still wasn’t clear whether she was going to make it through the night or if we were going to have to say an unexpected goodbye. Once we found out the doctors were able to stabilize her and run the necessary tests to confirm that surgery would be the distinction between life and death, my family immediately agreed to the procedure. 

At 4am, Lila went into surgery and came out 2 hours later with a successful operation. In a matter of 6 hours, Lila’s attack was attended to and treated properly. If there had been any hesitations this would be a different story. Fortunately, no internal organs were damaged and a blood transfusion was not needed. What started as the longest night for our family progressively turned into a miracle. Lila would recover. 12 hours after her surgery, our family went to visit her and it was clear that the shock had faded as she responded to us. Though a little groggy from the pain medication, she was breathing normal and her vital signs were good. She was lucky. We were lucky.  

To our caretakers at WVRC and Doctor Evans, the surgeon who spent hours on her surgery, we cannot thank you enough for the life-saving service and procedure. Thanks to all our friends, family, coworkers, and fellow-dog-lovers for their love, prayers, and support towards Lila’s recovery. It made all the difference.

Now that Lila is home, she is making remarkable strides on her road to recovery. She’s definitely a fighter, but we won’t let her fight something like this again. Not taking any minute for granted, we are so much more cautious when Lila’s outside. It’s safe to say no coyotes will ever get that chance again.

Lila might be hurt, but her spirit will never be broken.

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