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13-week-old Linken visited WVRC’s Racine ER service because he had some left hindlimb irritation. As a young puppy, Linken had an incident that resulted in a traumatic amputation of his left hind paw. His owner used a pedipaw to protect his limb while walking and using the stairs, but his leg became swollen, bruised, and irritated.

After Dr. Mayhew thoroughly examined Linken’s leg, she provided an antibiotic and pain medication to treat his immediate condition. But with the high probability of reinjury, Dr. Mayhew felt the best course for Linken’s long-term health would be to consult with Travis P. Reed, DVM, Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon, one of WVRC’s surgeons, to discuss more permanent options. 

The next day, after evaluating Linken’s condition, Dr. Reed presented two options: hind limb amputation, which would be a quicker overall recovery but not as ideal as having all four limbs; or a prosthetic, which would require waiting until Linken was older and had stopped growing, perhaps a partial amputation, and weeks of physical therapy. Linken’s owner chose to go with the prosthetic.

Shortly after Linken’s first birthday he came back in to get measured, take x-rays, create an impression mold, and have pictures and video taken to help create his new prosthetic.

Once his prosthetic was fitted, Linken started using it right away and was walking well. Of course there were some things to figure out how to do, like sitting and lying down. But with a few adjustments and some physical therapy, Linken will soon be moving around as if he always had his new leg. His smile says it all!

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