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Lulabelle’s owners noticed a questionable mass on her hind leg and visited their family veterinarian who took an aspirate of the mass, which indicated that it was a mast cell tumor. Her owner’s then brought Lulabelle in to WVRC to meet with Dr. Wirth, one of our board-certified oncologists. Cytology of the mass on Lulabelle’s left hind limb confirmed the diagnosis.

Her tumor was in an area that Dr. Gallegos was able to surgically excise with as large margins as possible without causing undue trauma to her leg. Further testing of the tumor revealed that it was a low grade II mast cell tumor. The margins were small due to the location of the tumor, which meant that microscopic disease could be left behind and there could be a chance of recurrence. Therefore, Dr. Wirth recommended a personalized chemotherapy treatment for Lulabelle.

Lulabelle’s owners did a great job restricting her activity while she healed from surgery – which is not an easy task with a Lab – and she has had no setbacks. Lulabelle also has completed her chemotherapy treatment and is doing very well at home.

Congrats on Kicking Cancer’s Tail!!

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