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Follicular Cell Carcinoma

Merry, an 11-year-old Beagle, went to her family veterinarian after her owner noticed a giant mass on her neck while petting her. After running several tests, which all came back relatively normal, Merry was referred to WVRC’s Oncology Service for further evaluation and testing.

Based on Merry’s history, physical, and additional diagnostics, Dr. Custead was concerned that the cause of the swelling in Merry’s neck was due to a type of cancer derived from her thyroid gland as she had a nodule in both glands. A CT-scan was performed to determine if Merry’s cancer was surgically resectable and to make sure her cancer had not spread.

Merry was also evaluated by Dr. Hurley, who found that although the masses were large and adhered to surrounding tissues, they were still somewhat mobile, which gave hope that they may be amenable to excision. Thankfully, Dr. Hurley was able to remove both masses completely by performing a bilateral thyroidectomy and mass excision. Unfortunately, the margins were narrow and thyroid tumors, like the follicular cell carcinoma Merry had, have a relatively high rate of spread to other locations, therefore Merry was also started on a chemotherapy regimen to help lower the risk of return.

Merry has completed her treatments and has now “Kicked Cancer’s Tail”! We are so happy for this sweetie and wish her all the best.

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