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Cancerous Tumor

Nala, a loveable 12-year-old dog, came to see Dr. Custead in the Oncology Service at WVRC for further evaluation. Nala’s owner had noted a mass while rubbing her belly, which grew 3-4 times in size over a 3-4 day period. She then saw her family veterinarian for excision of the tumor. Histopathology returned with incomplete margins, which is why Nala was referred to the WVRC Oncology Service.

With this type of tumor there are three different characteristics that can help anticipate if it would eventually spread and therefore shorten Nala’s life span. Of those three characteristics, Nala’s biopsy revealed that she had all of them. Therefore, it was very important to obtain clean margins to decrease the potential for the tumor to return. An aspirate of her liver and spleen was also conducted to know if Nala’s cancer had spread. Thankfully those results came back negative.

Dr. Custead consulted with Dr. Hurley, one of WVRC’s surgeons, to formulate a plan to get good margins around Nala’s tumor. Dr. Hurley was confident that a surgical scar revision was possible with minimal pain or changes in her quality of life. Her surgery was a complete success! After surgery, Nala had chemotherapy to decrease the risk that she would succumb to cancer spread (metastasis).

Nala has now completed her chemotherapy protocol and is officially cancer-free!!

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