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Nasscar has been a patient at WVRC since 2017 when his owners brought him to our Waukesha ER because they noticed that he was wobbly, sleeping a lot, not eating, had a bloody nose, and was drinking more water than normal. Test results showed that Nasscar had pancytopenia, a condition in which all three major blood elements – red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets – are low. In Nasscar’s case, his levels were so low he needed an immediate blood transfusion to stabilize him and then our Internal Medicine service took over his case.

Although Nasscar seemed to bounce back after the transfusion, by morning his levels had dropped again and it was evident that he had some internal bleeding. With IV fluids, antibiotics, and steroid treatments, Nasscar’s stamina and appetite began to improve, however he was still very anemic and his prognosis was not good. His owners elected to take him home to see if he improved on the medications he was prescribed. About a week later, Nasscar came back for a recheck with Dr. Brinson and his platelet count was now normal, but anemia was still present. This rapid improvement strongly supported that it was immune mediated disease rather than viral leukemia and his prognosis became much more optimistic.

Because of the progress Nasscar was making, his medications were decreased, but then his counts dropped again. It took a while to find the right dosages, with lots of recheck appointments and some major bumps along the way, but his blood counts now look great and he only has to get a recheck twice a year! Way to fight Nasscar!!

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