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UTI & Sepsis

When Nigel, a nine-year-old Persian, arrived at Specialty Purebred CAT Rescue after being surrendered, it was very evident that he was not feeling well. Nigel was underweight, extremely lethargic, and appeared to be dehydrated. He could take a few crawling steps, but preferred to lie down and was very weak.

Upon examination at WVRC’s Racine location, it appeared that Nigel’s illness was due to a severe urinary tract infection with resultant sepsis. Dr. Haak recommended that Nigel remain in ICU for 48 hours to receive constant monitoring, IV fluids, antibiotics, and supportive care and then she would reevaluate his condition.

Twenty-four hours later, he was still very dehydrated and his kidneys were unable to adequately concentrate his urine. In addition, Nigel still wasn’t eating, so he was given a feeding tube for nutritional support. Although his kidneys did appear enlarged and chronic renal disease could not be ruled out, Dr. Haak was hopeful because Nigel’s blood work began to give some encouraging signs.

After another day and a half, Nigel had amazing progress! He started eating on his own and his blood work and urine production normalized and Nigel was ready to go home. His feeding tube was left in until he was eating well enough on his own for several days. Although Nigel is now back at Specialty Purebred CAT Rescue, he does have some rest and recovery to do before he can start looking for his forever home but he is feeling much better. We wish Nigel a speedy recovery and are confident this adorable little guy will soon find a family to snuggle with him.

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