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Papillomatous Growth

Odin, a 6-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, was adopted when he was 2.5-years-old and had a few stubby bumps on his left front leg that were biopsied and found to be of no concern. Then two years ago, Odin’s owner noticed that the growths were getting bigger and spreading up and down Odin’s leg. Odin first saw a dermatologist who was unable to remove all of the masses, then his owners brought him to WVRC-Waukesha.

Dr. Reed evaluated Odin’s wart-like growths and determined that the weight of the mass has stretched the skin to the point that, with very narrow margins, he would be able to remove all of Odin’s growths. Because of the narrow margins, there was a chance that the growths could reoccur or that some areas along the incision may open up and/or need to be treated as an open wound if the skin could not be fully closed at the time of surgery, which would require more frequent bandage changes and a longer recovery time.

Luckily, Odin’s skin had again stretched enough to remove the tension in that area and he was able to go home with sutures in place, a well-padded splint, and strict orders to rest and recuperate. Better news was that the biopsy came back and the margins were clear and the growth was benign.

Odin recovered great at home, has now had his sutures and bandages removed, and is back to his normal activities.

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