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Raymond’s owners brought him to WVRC’s Waukesha ER service for evaluation when he became lethargic and painful upon being picked up. He had a history of storm anxiety and had been anxious all day, so they were unsure if he was actually painful or just anxious. A thorough exam and diagnostic imaging indicated that Raymond had a hemoabdomen and a large ruptured mass on his spleen.

His owners elected to move forward with an emergency splenectomy. Surgery went well but uncovered multiple small white nodules on his liver. A liver biopsy was obtained and both his liver and spleen were submitted for histopathology. Results from these tests indicated that Raymond had malignant lymphoma and a consult with the oncology department was set up to devise a plan of action.

Dr. Goodman created a personal chemotherapy protocol for Raymond, which he has now completed. Congrats Raymond on “Kicking Cancer’s Tail” and getting back to being active, energetic, and playful. Way to go Raymond!!

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