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Schmuley, an almost 13-year-old Dachshund, came to WVRC’s Dermatology service for severe, rapidly progressive skin lesions and severe itching. Poor Schmuley was so itchy he was living in a cone and jacket, and was still miserable. He was lethargic and losing weight due to a poor appetite.

Dr. Mazulis performed skin biopsies and started Schmuley on oral steroids. Biopsy results revealed an autoimmune skin disease called pemphigus foliaceus, a condition whereby antibodies produced by the dog’s own immune system attack the bridges that hold skin cells together. It is the most common autoimmune skin disease diagnosed in dogs and cats. 

In just two months time, Schmuley has made tremendous improvement! His attitude, energy level, and appetite have returned to normal. He no longer has any active skin lesions and is starting to grow hair back. Schmuley will likely require some form of maintenance treatment long-term, but we are so happy to see the improvements he has made!

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