Shar Pei Puppies

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Meet this wrinkly 5-pack of cuteness! Titan, Kato, Athena, Zeus, and Sam are Shar Pei littermates who were seen by our board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Peter Accola. Each of the puppies had temporary eyelid tacking to address varying levels of entropion, a condition where the eyelid skin rubs on and irritates the cornea/ocular surface. Entropion can lead to other complications including infection and, in severe and chronic cases, blindness.

Using local anesthesia, temporary sutures everted the puppies’ eyelids, and they remained in over the course of several recheck appointments, for improved comfort and to allow the ocular surfaces to heal. After about a month, Dr. Accola noted that all the puppies no longer had active entropion.

As the puppies grow into their skin, it’s possible they may need eyelid tacking again or full entropion surgery. But for now, they are all seeing clearly and doing well!

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