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Adorable 3-and-a-half-year-old Simon, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was at a routine follow up exam with his family veterinarian when a 5cm mass was found over his right prescapular lymph node. Initial tests indicated a suspicious cancer of histiocyte origin. Histiocytes are white blood cells that are responsible for eating foreign material in the body and training the immune system.

Simon was referred to WVRC’s Oncology team for further diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Wirth (board-certified oncologist) was concerned that Simon could have histiocytic sarcoma, therefore Dr. Gallegos (surgeon) performed a tissue biopsy that was submitted for testing to determine the extent of disease throughout Simon’s body before starting treatment.

The biopsy revealed that Simon’s mass was indeed histiocytic sarcoma and required a personalized chemotherapy treatment, on which Simon did great. He has now completed his treatments and is cancer free. Way to go Simon!!

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