Speedy & Soaker

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Some of the more unique patients that WVRC has seen are two yellow-footed (non-aquatic) tortoises from the Milwaukee County Zoo! Speedy and Soaker, both males, were brought to our Waukesha facility for CT scans. After they were moved inside from their South American exhibit this fall, Zoo veterinary staff noticed that they were not using their legs as well and favoring one side.

Speedy is estimated to be at least 34-years-old and Soaker at least 20-years-old – about middle age for this breed. WVRC’s 16-slice CT scanner allows us to produce higher quality scans at a fraction of the time, therefore the tortoises were able to quickly be scanned in their simple transport containers without the need for anesthesia.

After the scans were completed, the duo were rewarded with some of their favorite treats: sweet potatoes and carrots! Zoo staff will make the determination if Speedy and Soaker need analgesics, bandaging, rehab, or even surgery. WVRC was glad to be able to offer the technology to help provide insight into their ailments.

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