In Success Stories

Tuck presented to WVRC’s Oncology service for further evaluation of the recently diagnosed mass in his trachea, which was found during a routine dental cleaning with his family veterinarian. Tuck did not have any other symptoms prior to discovery of the growth, except that his bark had been a bit high pitched the last couple months.

Dr. Custead thoroughly examined Tuck and ran diagnostics, which thankfully did not show evidence of metastasis, but the mass was 2 cm (1 inch) in size and in danger of obstructing Tuck’s airway if it grew. Dr. Hurley performed surgery to remove the mass, however limitations of the anatomy in that area meant that large margins were not a possibility without compromising Tuck’s larynx substantially. 

The mass was a low-grade carcinoma, which was unlikely to spread but could reoccur. Therefore Dr. Custead developed a personalized chemotherapy protocol for Tuck to kill any cancer cells that may have been left behind.

Tuck had some ups and downs with his chemotherapy treatments, but he is now cancer free!! Way to kick cancer’s tail Tuck!!

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