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In October 2015, Tucker’s owners noticed that he was acting unusual – holding his head down, panting a lot, and lethargic. His family veterinarian noticed enlarged lymph nodes and performed cytology, which revealed lymphoma. He was referred to WVRC’s oncology service, where Dr. Wirth started Tucker on chemotherapy treatments and in February 2016 he successfully completed his chemotherapy protocol, “Kicked Cancer’s Tail,” and was in remission! 

While running up north this summer, Tucker injured his anterior cruciate ligament and came to see Dr. Meinen who after examination discussed options of surgery or leg braces. Tucker’s owners chose to go with leg braces to help stabilize his hind legs, which he has adapted to beautifully.

We are happy to report that Tucker has now gone 24 months in remission! This is a HUGE accomplishment and occurs in only 20% of lymphoma patients.

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