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Aspiration Pneumonia

Xena, a sweet and adorable 5-year-old Golden Retriever, came to WVRC’s Racine ER for vomiting and lethargy after having puppies five weeks earlier. Dr Alessandrino examined her and found that she was very dehydrated, weak, and had low blood pressure. During her examination, Xena also began coughing. Chest x-rays showed signs of aspiration pneumonia (likely secondary to vomiting). Xena was hospitalized for two days and aggressively treated with IV fluids, IV antibiotics, oxygen therapy and medications to support her GI tract.

Xena made a fantastic recovery and was able to be discharged home to be with her puppies. She is doing well at home, and is almost ready to start training again. In addition to being a wonderful mom to her pups, Xena is a Champion Retriever!

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