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Mast Cell Tumor

Meet Ziggy, a big, docile, love-bug who was 7.5-years old when he was went in for a regular check up and his family veterinarian noticed four suspicious lumps, one on his chest was where a former lump had been removed 2-3 years earlier. He was started on medication to reduce the swelling, but test came back that showed he had skin cancer, called a mast cell tumor. His family veterinarian surgically excised it (May 2013) but it came back in April of 2017. Like many types of cancers, when it recurs, it is more aggressive. 

He then came to see Dr. Custead, one of WVRC’s oncologists, who recommended that it be surgically excised again and then treated with a round of chemotherapy. His family veterinarian surgically excised his cancer and did a great job. Ziggy’s family brought him back to Dr. Custead to start chemotherapy, which he tolerated like a champ and, like most dogs, never experienced side effects. Way to go Ziggy! We absolutely adore you and are so excited that you will be able to continue to love and care for your family, just as much as they have loved and cared for you.

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