The health care of pets is a partnership between owner and veterinarian.

When you refer a pet in need of emergency or critical care, you can trust that WVRC will act as an extension of your care. Following a visit to WVRC, a complete copy of the patient’s record will be sent to your office. Any x-rays, ultrasound, CT, or MRI images will be made available online as well. We highly encourage you to call and discuss your patients’ cases with our staff any time. We appreciate your dedication, trust, and partnership.

COVID-19 Updates

For the most up-to-date information on how WVRC is dealing with novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Update pages.

Current Update as of 3/25/2020: 

Temporary Service Changes

Although all three of our hospitals are still open 24/7 for emergency and critical care cases, we are implementing the following temporary changes to help preserve PPE supplies as well as remain available for the most urgent cases.
  • Elective surgeries will be postponed such as:
  • Non-painful patients that need orthopedic procedures, i.e., TPLOs, that could reasonably be postponed for 3 months
  • Benign mass removals
  • Uncomplicated cataract surgery
  • I-131 therapy for cats with hyperthyroidism has been temporarily suspended during the COVID crisis. Please call our internal medicine service with any questions regarding the management of cases in the interim.
  • Out-patient ultrasounds are still being performed at WVRC Waukesha on a limited basis to help you with management of your patients. Due to our dynamic caseload and staffing, out-patient ultrasound results will only be reported to the referring veterinarian and will not be relayed directly to the client. If you consider a pet to be unstable or in need of urgent follow up at WVRC, please call the hospital to discuss transfer of the case or urgent availability through our specialty services or ER instead.
Our specialists are still available to consult with you and evaluate patients to help discuss medical therapy, assist with custom-fit braces, or discuss any other options. Assessments regarding other procedures will be made on a case by case basis with our veterinary team. If you need to refer a patient to our hospital, please call 866-542-3241 in advance to discuss the case with one of our staff members.

Complimentary Online Courses

Although we are not able to offer in-person education at this time, we would like to offer your staff a complimentary 30-day subscription to online training through VetBloom. To access these RACE-approved VetBloom courses, go to Select the course(s) that you are interested in taking, then click Buy Now and enter Voucher Code: free-on-demand. There is no limit to the number of courses an individual may take and they are available to everyone in your practice.

Previous Updates:

As this virus progress and policies and procedures change, new information will be added.


WVRC Image Portal

Log in to the portal to view all of your images at WVRC. Upload DICOM images directly to us from the image portal or send us images directly from your system. If you have any questions about image viewing or transfer, please call (866) 542-3241.

Sending us your images

You can share your images with us in a variety of ways:

  1. Log in to the portal to upload your DICOM files
  2. E-mail your files (jpeg or DICOM) to
  3. Send us images directly from your system. We can give your our DICOM network information to put into your own system as a DICOM node to allow ‘computer-to-computer transfer of images.  This is the fastest and most efficient method of image transfer.  Please call (866) 542-3241 for more information.
  4. If you send us a link to your imaging study (as with Antech Imaging Services as an example), please send that link to
  5. Use the online referral form on to send images with all of your patient’s information in one place
  6. Hard films can be sent via mail or with your client.  Please note that we may retain your films for up to two months dependent on how often we see your patient

Download Referral / Radiography Film Evaluation Form

Click above to download a .pdf and fax or email it to us.

Online Referral Form

Use this online form to send us information about your referral or transfer. You can upload medical records and images on this form as well. (We have eliminated the hassles with emails and file size limitations.)

Continuing Education

This program is on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each Spring and Fall, WVRC holds Continuing Education events taught by our specialists in the Racine, Grafton, and Waukesha areas. Click here for a list of our upcoming programs.

Lunch & Learns

This program is on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We know how hard it is to fit into your staff’s schedule and our specialists can help. You pick the date and topic, we order lunch for you and your staff, and provide training at your location! It’s that simple. Check out our list of our Lunch & Learns for your staff – each topic (bullet point) is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Re-Order Supplies

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Fee Schedule

Do your clients want to know about how much a surgery or consult will cost? We’ve put together a fee schedule for you to share. If you need pricing for a procedure that isn’t listed, please contact Jill.

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