The health care of pets is a partnership between owner and veterinarian.

When you refer a pet in need of emergency or critical care, you can trust that WVRC will act as an extension of your care. Following a visit to WVRC, a complete copy of the patient’s record will be sent to your office. Any x-rays, ultrasound, CT, or MRI images will be made available online as well. We highly encourage you to call and discuss your patients’ cases with our staff any time. We appreciate your dedication, trust, and partnership.

WVRC Image Portal

Log in to the portal to view all of your images at WVRC. Upload DICOM images directly to us from the image portal or send us images directly from your system. If you have any questions about image viewing or transfer, please call (866) 542-3241.

Sending us your images

You can share your images with us in a variety of ways:

  1. Log in to the portal to upload your DICOM files
  2. E-mail your files (jpeg or DICOM) to
  3. Send us images directly from your system. We can give your our DICOM network information to put into your own system as a DICOM node to allow ‘computer-to-computer transfer of images.  This is the fastest and most efficient method of image transfer.  Please call (866) 542-3241 for more information.
  4. If you send us a link to your imaging study (as with Antech Imaging Services as an example), please send that link to
  5. Use the online referral form on to send images with all of your patient’s information in one place
  6. Hard films can be sent via mail or with your client.  Please note that we may retain your films for up to two months dependent on how often we see your patient

Download Referral / Radiography Film Evaluation Form

Due to increased case volume, WVRC will no longer be doing radiology reviews, except for cardiology patients. We are hoping to offer this service again in the future, however we do not have a date at this time.

Outpatient Ultrasound Referral Form

Note: The form will open in the website.

Outpatient ultrasounds are performed at WVRC Waukesha to help you with the management of your patients. Please complete and submit this new outpatient ultrasound referral form as soon as you have determined a need for your patient. Your client can then call 262-542-3241 to set up an appointment at our Waukesha location.

An outpatient ultrasound is a test ordered by the treating/primary veterinarian for stable patients. Results will only be relayed only to the treating veterinarian, he/she will be responsible for following up with the client to discuss the results and recommendations.

If you prefer to have a WVRC veterinarian review ultrasound results and/or make recommendations to the client as part of the referral, please instruct your client to schedule an appointment with our internal medicine or critical care services.

If you consider a pet to be unstable or if the ultrasound is considered an emergency, please call 262-542-324 to speak with our critical care or emergency team regarding an emergency ultrasound.

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