2020 Spring CE Schedule

Dinner 6:30pm | Presentation 7:00pm
WVRC, 360 Bluemound Road, Waukesha


Postponed – Date TBD
Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CrCL) Disease

Dr. Gallegos will review the recent literature on CrCL disease along with outcomes and complications with the TPLO and TTA procedures.

Postponed – Date TBD
Rash Decisions: When & How to do Dermatology Diagnostics
Rash Decisions will focus on the use of dermatological diagnostics including when and how to perform skin/ear cytologies, dermatophyte cultures, bacterial cultures, skin biopsies, allergy testing, advanced otic procedures, etc. We will also touch on how to obtain a thorough dermatological history.

Postponed – Date TBD
Tech Talk: EKG Basics – Techniques for Proper Waveform Evaluation
Join WVRC’s Technician Trainer for an in-depth discussion of EKG basics. Perfect introduction for new technicians and a great review for seasoned techs.
  • Electrical Anatomy – How the EKG Waveform Corresponds to Electrical Function
  • Breakdown of the EKG Waveform – Steps to Waveform Evaluation
  • Common Arrhythmias – Steps to Diagnosing

Postponed – Date TBD
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & Acupuncture: An Overview & Applications
This talk will give an overview of how a Chinese medical diagnosis is made and the principles of Chinese medicine. It will also discuss indications for acupuncture therapy & the evidence basis for acupuncture in certain conditions. It will conclude with a case study and a few applications for any practitioner.

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