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What is a veterinary specialist?

A veterinary specialist has completed extensive training in a specialized field.  In addition to four years of veterinary school, a specialist must also complete at least 1 year of an internship and 2 to 4+ years of residency training.  They must pass a set of examinations in order to become a board-certified veterinary specialist.

Veterinary specialists tend to have greater knowledge of unusual, or rare diseases in small animals and typically have diagnostic equipment not generally used by your regular veterinarians.

Emergency & Critical Care



Internal Medicine

Dermatology & Allergy






Integrative Services

Diagnostic Imaging

Clinical Trials

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“Extremely caring and knowledgeable. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me even though you were extremely busy. I appreciate it. There are no words to show my appreciation for the care and love you provided Chance during his short stay.”

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