Chemotherapy is drug we use to kill cancer cells.  It can be toxic (cell-killing) to normal cells too.
Often, this chemotherapy is excreted through the urine, stool or vomit.  Some of this drug is inactive, and therefore, not harmful to you and your family.  However, because active drug is also excreted, we recommend the following precautions to limit your exposure to these drugs:

General Instructions:                                                                                                             

  1. Keep the drug in a secure storage area out of the reach of children.
  2. Children, pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals or nursing mothers should not come in contact with chemotherapeutic agents. May cause birth defects.
  3. If accidental ingestion, seek medical advice immediately.
  4. Patients receiving chemotherapy generally should not receive vaccines.


  1. Wash your hands immediately after handling tablets/ capsules.
  2. Do NOT split, crush or break the tablets/capsules to avoid disrupting the protective film coating.
  3. Protective gloves (latex, dishwashing gloves or exam gloves) should be worn whenever handling the medication.
  4. If the medication is “hidden” in food, make sure that your dog has eaten the entire dose.

Cleaning up after your pet:

  1. Keep children away from feces, urine, or vomit of treated dogs.
    1. Exercise your pet on a leash so you are aware of the exact location of the urine and feces.  Remember to keep this area “Off Limits” to children.
  1. If feces, urine, vomit or used cat litter is picked up, please wear protective gloves to handle the equipment used to clean the area.  Dispose of this material in double plastic bags and tie securely.
  1. You should not wash any items soiled with stool, urine or vomit from your pet with your other laundry.

These precautions should be observed for the first five days after chemotherapy.

If you have further questions, please call us.

WVRC (Waukesha): (262) 542-3241

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