After being welcomed by our customer service representative, you and your pet will be placed into one of our exam rooms.  Then, one of our wonderful technicians will introduce you to our service and determine the history of your pet’s care and the progression of the symptoms.  Your technician will obtain your pet’s vitals and make sure your pet is comfortable.  Behind the scenes, your oncologist is reviewing your pet’s medical file, calling your family veterinarian and coming up with a diagnostic and treatment plan.  The technician will then go over the history with your oncologist.  Your oncologist will then come into the exam room and go over what is already known and what more we need to learn to determine the most effective, safest and conducive plan for you, your pet and your family.  This discussion usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your pet’s health.  If more diagnostics are indicated, many of the tests can be done the same day or the following day.  We will make every attempt to get the diagnostics done as quickly as possible but some of the imaging tests may take a couple of hours to get an appointment with our radiologist.  The results of these tests are usually available either immediately or within a week.  A few tests may take a couple of weeks to get back.  If you are interested in pursuing treatment, many times, this can be started at your first appointment.  If you traveled a long distance to meet with our experts at WVRC, we can help you arrange accommodations and services.  At the end of your pet’s visit at WVRC, we will provide a unique summary of your pet’s oncology appointment.

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